CZ-HU-A-SK Ch + Inter Ch – Q’Mona Lisa aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal – “Mona”

My husband Martin and I are currently going with a group of owners and breeders of Slovak shepherds go down the river on a boat, scooters and cross-country skiers. Bobtail can be harnessed to scooters and cross-country skis, he is hardworking, poppy and pulls and mainly enjoys the company of people and dogs. After a long and relaxed coexistence with the dogs – boys, we decided that we will use our many years of experience from living with a bobtail to develop the breeding of this beautiful breed.
We bought the first female Moninka – Q’Mona Lisa aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal. We founded the kennel DEMABO (DEnisa Martin bobtail -BOhuslav’s). And we started living with hormones, Moninka is typically a female dog “I don’t know what I want,but I want it now. ”
As a puppy, she destroyed our home phone, the thermostat for the boiler on the wall. She took off everything she thought she didn’t like, and she removed the door handles from the door. The bobtail boys were calmer and more obedient. Moninka, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants, but when her command restricts her freedom, he comments out loudly to us, it is simply his own.
Moninka became the mother of our first litter. And the father was a beautiful dog Zottels Devil Wears Prada. We have bred 5 beautiful puppies Atlas, Aiolos, Aither, Agave and Anteu. Antea stayed in our kennel DEMABO