Bruno Baribal – “Rony”

A year later after “Timi’s death, we went to Prague for a new bobtail pupil Ronýsek – Bruno Baribal. I went to the training ground with Ronýsek, training had no problem for him. Bobtail is obedient, but he works at a calm pace. He uses his head in training. And so Ronýsek entertained us during the summons training,
When he took only two steps behind me and at the command “to the foot” he took only two quick steps forward to the foot. After all, he wouldn’t bother to fly around the training ground when the summoning followed. He bit into his sleeve during the defense, but as the helper spoke to him in a nice voice, he shook his entire ass (no tail at the time) and the helper was his friend, He took defense only as a game. But he can also tell what a game is and what it’s not.
I have experience from camping in a tent that when I sleep, the bobtail watches over me and doesn’t let anyone into the tent, not even friends he knows.

And so Ronýsek passed with me into adulthood. I completed my first show with bobtail Ronýsek at the age of 16, although I had it beautifully groomed, but I didn’t know the show grooming at all. To this day, I remember the words of the judge, who stated that the dog looks like he came by train. And I told him, “we come with the train!”
After the birth of my son Lukáš, Ronýsek was a great nanny and let little Lukáš like everything. Bobtail loves kids.