❤️🩵 🐾🧸 The litter “D” puppies were born on 6/20/2024

Antee gave birth to her first puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls.

Birth weights of boys 392, 376, 434 and girls 296, 340, 306

The puppies were born without fetal envelopes, so each puppy immediately had a lot of attention 🙂. Antea retained the placentas, so she received an injection and antibiotics. After 3 days, the sona check showed that the uterus was clean and in order. Antea is a gentle and careful mother, and despite the temperature she had after giving birth, she did not stop taking care of her little ones. Only she was very hot in the box where the red infrared light was shining. Yesterday, Moninka and Lana got acquainted with the girls.