Yef z Akordu – “Timi”

I went as a little girl to watch a trainer and dreamed of a big dog, but my mother didn’t want a big dog, just a dog of a small breed. I didn’t agree with that, I didn’t want a small breed. One day my mother said that she liked a dog from the series about a vet and according to the photographer Mr. Tylínek we found out that it is a bobtail breed.
It was the right moment, I flipped back a few years magazine “Dog friend of man” and found, was there and there was also contact to the breeder Mrs. Řapková, who brought them to Czechoslovakia and started breeding. The longed-for big dog was no longer just a dream.

In the summer of 1984, I finally went to Mrs. Řapková for a bobtail puppy. Unfortunately, the joy of the puppy Timeček – Yef z Akordu lasted only a few months, he died of parvovirus, which at that time plagued the whole country and at that time there was no vaccination. I’ve to disinfected our apartment all year.