Jaguar aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal – “Tobi”

We bought Tobíček – Jaguar aus dem Elbe-Urstrumtal as teammate for Spicy. I practiced agility with Tobíček. And he was excited about agility. Tobíček always ran off the track and went to greet first all the trainers of my favorite ForPets trainer and then he came back and continued running agility parkour. He enjoyed learning every new obstacle, most loved the beam and the swing. We had agility for fun, the bobtail is a heavy dog ​​and thus is slower than other breeds in the race. But as there was a beam on the track, Tobíček’s favorite obstacle, Tobík walked it twice and sometimes three times. We tried coursing with the boys, they caught on for the first time, they both ran after the tassel until the end.
We also tested whether our bobtails have pastoral talents. Spicy – our great champion, who did not enjoy agility training at all, when he met a flock of sheep, he started flying around the sheep so fast and round that we had to catch him to exhale and not fall. Then we let him go around the herd again. And suddenly he stopped and something clicked in head, he realized, what is he supposed to do. He only started to run correctly in quarter quarters and pushed the herd right on us. Tobíček, who practiced agility, watched and waited to see if I would give him orders, after pointing his hand, the herd also began to push towards us. They both remembered the pastoral background and the escort of the flock of sheep.