How nick names are created

It is a pleasure for every breeder to give names to their offspring. But sometimes the names are not clear from the beginning and small family conflicts arise. However, nature does not wait for a compromise to be reached, so names such as: First, Second, Third are given first. The first girl, etc .. We don’t have it as easy as our friends from Slovenský Čuvač (Slovak guard), who give them colored ribbons.
As time goes on, we notice the small details that determine each dog. And according to them, job titles are created, how we distinguish dogs from each other. Here is our overview.

This is our Belmondo. I started calling him that, because his two spots reminded me of a clown from the movie Cool Fake.
In addition, he shows himself among the boys as the biggest boss. And this is another movie with Belmon. So the name is clear.


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Meet, this is Mr. Bat. First I wanted to start calling him Ozzy. More precisely, if it is litter “b”, it should be Black Sabath. But in the end we ended up with a Czech Bat and that’s Mr. Batman.

The dog is very inquisitive by nature. He tries to justify every grate and is a righteous protector of the weak and oppressed.

Mr. Black hole. Also Mr. White Head. But since the little girl also has a white head, we needed to differentiate them at first and not look at the pindik. This dog has such a miniature dot, so we started calling him White Head with a dot. And as I like Astronomy and Science Fiction, I immediately imagined
that he has a black hole there.

By nature, he is a cool dog, he will do everything and there will be nothing left of him.


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Mr. Bowie. Our first dog with a blue eye. Tiny but big in spirit. Great creative. He is always the first to discover and try new toys.

Great boss of the whole litter. She commands everything, she controls when she will spin, when she gets up.

He is very intelligent by nature. He thinks about everything. He is inspiring to others. As soon as he comes up with a culinary house, the others will be happy to join.


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Our smallest flower. This one wraps us around her finger every day with her cuteness. She is very kind, affectionate. We have no idea what to call her. But most of all, it reminds us of Mona’s mother. She took the most beautiful one from her, so if it’s supposed to be from B, I came up with Bauty of Mona. The most beautiful of Mona.

She is a typical woman by nature. Of course, she is also the commander of all dogs. It’s especially fun when he doesn’t know what he wants, but he wants it now.

And best of all. Mr. Spicy. We miss our Spicy so much and this dog reminds us so much that we started calling him Spicy. A dog with a very beautiful symmetrical head. Wide jaw and sincere eyes. Just the whole Spicy.

She is a sweetheart by nature. A bit phlegmatic, but at the same time, when it comes to him, he will show up properly.


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